As a publisher, you want to know exactly what ads are being displayed on your site. You don't want to advertise your competitors or inappropriate content and you don't want your users to leave your site after clicking an ad because they aren't opened in a new tab.

As an advertiser, you don't want to spend lots of time working out how complicated ad networks work and their hundreds of settings or paying someone else to do it for you. You want your ads to be displayed on relevant websites, not inappropriate sites that may look bad on your brand. It would also be great to know exactly how much you will pay per click of your ad, before you even get the click.

Advertising Done Right is the solution. It is the marketplace for online ads. We connect publishers and advertisers so specific ads are displayed on relevant websites, right down to each web page. Sign up for free.

Advertising Done Right will be launching in a few months time but you can sign up now to get notifed when we launch.